Weekend Groups

Weekend Retreats


The weekends are opportunities to get away and have an experience with other gay men that is transformative and powerful 



Meditation is part of every group- we do 3 meditations a day to deeper our work, to provide balance to the emotional and physical intensity and to ground,  integrate our learning together

Deep Work


Our work is often intensely physical using techniques from Core Energetics, BioEnergetics, Rebirthing and Breath work as well as a lot of dance to let the body find it's natural rhythm again. 

Cultivating Beginner's mind


These groups are an invitation to start fresh, allow yourself to drop your identity and try on new behaviors and ways of being. 

It's about Comfort


Slowing down is a fundamental part of every weekend. Taking time for engaging conversations and fostering deep connections with other gay men. 

A Safe Container to Explore


We go away from the world to places where we can be ourselves and explore and immerse ourselves in Nature and our inner world.