Somatic Touch for Couples

Couples and contact


Making contact

The work I do with couples is about the dynamic changes that being together manifest as well as finding a common ground for clarity and how to proceed into the future. Couples often think that the love between them should be enough to sustain their relationship and that they should be comfortable with that. Many couples frequently settle for co-existing with a multitude of compromises that do not foster a deeper relating. The reality is that most people need to do some work for their relationship to thrive and grow.

The benefits of doing couples work are many. There is a therapist present who is holding the space for livable agreements to be worked out, acting as a third, neutral party to reflect the dynamics of the couple. And, by making such a commitment, they will have set some time aside for the necessary integration of two lives. Working together, we can explore those issues that are fundamental to couples and craft a deeper, more loving relationship for both of you.

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