Manifest: A Return to Yourself October 18-20, 2020 Shambhala Ranch

A Return to Yourself

The format for this Manifest weekend is a combi­nation of emotional and physical expression, daily meditations, dance, and conversation. The structures are designed to evoke and stimulate a remembering of yourself. The entire focus is on development and support of who you are and the insights you gain from connecting to what you do to manifest yourself.

As Gay men many of us carry unexpressed emo­tional baggage that we have absorbed and carried since childhood.  The inherent homophobia of our society can leave feelings or anger, hurt, resentment, guilt and self-loathing. During the weekend there will be an opportunity for those feelings to be expressed and released. This emo­tional work can be compared to the exercising of a muscle. In the beginning it may feel strained and unfamiliar, but as you get more practice, you

will enjoy the thrill of feeling your emotional body grow stronger and more developed.

The emotional work is a means to its own end and constitutes a backdrop for deeper and more meaningful meditations. You will learn about and participate in many kinds of meditative techniques. With the emotional charge dispelled, your mind is more easily cleared and quieted. As a result the meditation grows deeper and more rejuvenating, providing you with a way of  being that is centered in your daily life. 

You will come to regard these tech­niques as valuable tools in your life path toolbox. Dancing allows you to feel your body again and to be childlike in your approach to life. The free­dom to move about is one that is frequently sup­pressed early in life, and dancing can break those patterns. It is also about expressing yourself and celebrating the sheer joy of being in your body, being you.

Guided discussions allow you to share your experiences with other group participants and fosters integration. This can be the most important part of the weekend, requiring more honesty and focus on the self. Manifest provides you with both group support and individual attention. Our variety of techniques offer you alternatives to explore your life in a meaningful way, all with the care of a compassionate staff.

Tuition includes a follow-up meeting at the Manifest Group Room in San Francisco on Tuesday Evening. 

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This Weekend Process is about a fresh start and releasing old patterns and coming into fellowship with other Gay Men. 

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