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Sex and Being Gay - September -a one day workshop

Sex and Being Gay September

An Intense day long course that explores all of the aspects of your sexual orientation. Coming into the present with awareness of your own beliefs and embodied expression regarding sex, top, bottom, versatile, oral, anal, butts, barriers, PrEP, active, promiscuous, monogamous, safe, poly, bi, straight, johns, tricks, big, little, regular, hard, soft, uncut dicks, kinks, vanilla, fetish, etc. 

This course is about removing the guilt, shame, ignorance, dogma, religion, guilt, and judgements about what sex is and what it isn't. We explore the physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and mental patterns that keep you from loving yourself as a sexual being. 

We will be using models from Jack Morin's Erotic Mind, Gina Ogden's 4-D paradigms, Sexual circuitry related to physiological connections in the body and Somatic Sexuality. We frame together new ways for you to support yourself more fully by using breath, physicality, energy, and the sense to form bridges between your desires and your reality. 

All Workshops and classes require a free 30 minute in person intake to ensure that this process is a good fit for you. 

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An Intense day long course that explores all of the aspects of your sexual orientation. 

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Gay Couples Workshop September one day workshop

Couples Workshop

The Couples one day workshop is designed to help gay men in relationships reveal their inner strengths and challenges to each other. Couples will experience creating a safe space for other couples to express themselves while identifying relationship patterns similar to their own. It is an intense day long that will have you be more in-sync with your partner and yourself. 

This course is unique to the workshops because you can experience what you have learned in real life settings as the course unfolds. These experiences provide the working medium for the classroom so that you can experience behavior shift. 

Couples will learn lots of practice skills for handling misattunements, disagreements, and ways to co-regulate each other. This will include physical activities, dance, contact,  and breath work that can enhance the couple's heart and sexual connectedness. You will reach a new level of awareness about your life and your relationship and focus on the WE of relating. 

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A one Day Workshop to take your relationship to a deeper level with more love and connection. 

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A Place for Gay Men


If you are reading this, then there is something in you that yearns and desires to break free from the limiting patterns that are laid out before you. The founder of Manifest changed that pattern and created a safe space where other Gay men are encouraged and challenged to explore themselves more fully. 

Our Work Together


Meditation will help you in so many ways known and unknown. Manifest has many different styles to choose from. 

For the Western mind, some of the techniques of silent sitting require the preparation of the body and the quieting of the mind. That is why we often use movement as a prelude to silent sitting. 

The goal is provide an opportunity for a meditative or witnessing self to emerge. This requires time and practice and a group meditation can encourage that development in a way that individual mediation can not. 

We know from mirror neuron theory, group oxytocin experience, and from Sanga formations that the group can encourage the presencing of self.

Weekly Classes

Manifest classes encourage Gay men to understand and explore their emotional and spiritual intimacy. Within the safety and support of this group environment, you are able to explore the edges of your universe, try new behaviors, and sample new ways of being.


Manifest workshops are psycho-educational experiences that allow you to do deep work within a group.  It is a safe place for you to concentrate on expressing and releasing your own feelings. 

This emotional work can be compared to the exercising of a muscle. It may feel strained and unfamiliar at first, but as you get more practice, you'll feel your spiritual and emotional bodies growing stronger and more developed. 

Workshop participants say these weekends have played a key role in changing their lives. Discover your unexplored territory and expand your personal borders. Gain a deeper knowledge and love of yourself. 



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